Dog Bowl

It was the end of “YEAR TWO OF HOUSE RENOVATIONS”.  So much had been accomplished yet there was still so much more to achieve.  Before we had turned the sun porch into part of the main house, there were two Papasan chairs in faded orange at one end.  The frames were made of rattan and they looked like a big bowl.  You could purchase a Papasan chair at Pier One Imports or World Market or several other places online.  At the start of “YEAR ONE OF HOUSE RENOVATIONS” both chairs were lugged down to the basement and stacked into a corner where I hoped they would be forgotten.

On the occasional trip to the Goodwill, I would suggest to the Englishman that we rid ourselves of the chairs.  His reaction varied from glares, to pouts to ignoring my presence entirely.  After changing the older English Boy’s bedroom into a computer room, the Englishman moved the Papasan chairs to their new location.  He was courageous and waited until I was away for the weekend.

I must admit it…they are comfortable.  They are also comical, especially when The Englishman lost his balance and fell onto the floor.  The one thing I never counted on was how much our dachshund, Charlie, loved the chairs.  When they were located on the porch, he never slept in them.  Now, if I was searching for Charlie, the first place I looked was the computer room.  Most of the time, the little dog had curled up into one fast asleep.  Ugly or not, this was one battle that I didn't think I would win.


See Julia Go said...

I adore your picture of Charlie on the chair! He is so cute. I have just bought a house so I too am starting renovations! It is a nightmare! Any advice? Your blog is fantastic! Can't wait to read what you post next! (juliagolia87 on Swap-Bot's Blog Hop -March Roundup)

Michelle Cruz said...

I love your picture. He looks just so comfortable. And these chairs are SO COMFORTABLE. I use to have one when I was younger and I could get lost in it. Can't wait to see what you write about next. I love your blog. Michelle aka peanutsmommy7 at Swap-bot March Roundup