All Aboard the Rescue Train

In 2003, I adopted Chase through ACES (Another Chance for English Setters). I was able to drive the six-hour trip to Nashville, TN but not every adoptive or foster family is able to do this. Since 2003, I have been a volunteer for ACES conducting home visits of potential adoptive families and have been active on the transport list for several years.

Last month, I was part of a transport to unite Lanie, a beautiful liver setter, with her new foster family. The trip began for Lanie in a Thomasville, Georgia shelter at 8AM on a Saturday morning. Each transport driver was scheduled, amazingly just two days earlier via an ACES transport coordinator, to drive a one hour leg. I met Lanie at 12:30PM in the parking lot of a Tractor Supply store. The Englishman went inside to buy treats and we spent fifteen minutes trying to coax the terrified setter out of the previous driver’s car. The Englishman finally scooped the dog up in his arms and carried her to our car. Tail tucked, she timidly managed to climb into the backseat. The Englishman attempted to give her a “Better Than Ears” treat but Lanie seemed intimidated by the size of it. We broke off pieces of the treat and strategically placed them on the back seat. A few minutes later, I sent a text to the next driver to let her know we were on the interstate. Lanie settled into the back seat and munched on bits of the treat.

For one hour, I fed Lanie slivers of the treat and she finally became less suspicious of the larger pieces. I remained twisted in my front seat in order to face her and pet her soft silky fur. We arrived at our meeting point behind a fast food restaurant. The next driver was waiting for us and after a brief conversation; she lifted Lanie from our back seat to hers. I called the transport coordinator to let her know that Lanie was on the final leg of her trip and would soon meet her foster family in Columbia, South Carolina.

Arriving home later that afternoon, the four-pack didn’t notice the foreign smell of an outsider on our clothes. They were focused on the bag of their favorite treat and eagerly took each treasured “pig ear” to their favorite spots. I hoped that Lanie’s weekend was full of new sights, sounds, treats and love as a checked my email for the next rescue train.