One Door Closes, Another One Opens

The Four-Pack was confused.  In January, the Englishman and I embarked on the daunting task of renovating the kitchen.  Within hours, we added the laundry room, sun porch, dining room and living room to our renovation project.  Dry wall dust covered every surface, including the dogs, white primer streaks added new coloring to their fur while leaving odd, feathering patterns on the walls and the Four-Pack took every opportunity possible to walk directly into piles of sawdust.

We walled in doors because they weren't needed, added doors where there weren't any and completely turned their home upside down.  The dogs would see the construction, watch a door disappear, yet still run toward it later, sliding into the wall looking absolutely befuddled.  They delighted in the new doors that emerged and spent their time testing it out.  The "piece de resistance" was a small, fancy dog door inserted directly next to the new French doors in the kitchen.  A door of their own.  The Four-Pack was very excited when they discovered this door (discovered because I pushed each of them through it).  They practiced jumping in and out of it, tasting a bit of independence.  Tails wagging, paws dancing on the kitchen floor, they gained expert precision with each trial run.  Sometimes the best things in life really are small.

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