Midnight Caller

I pulled into my parent's driveway after a long night at the Aiken County Museum for the annual S.H.O.P. (Sassy Happy Outrageous Party) event.  My feet were sore, my fingers prune-like from an hour of dish washing and my eyes bleary due to the late hour.  My headlights captured a flash of white and orange and I thought I spied Chase on the front porch.  I knew this was impossible as he was supposed to be tucked in bed back in Georgia.

With a groan, I pulled myself from the car and approached the front door.  Nothing.  I could hear Dolly on the other side tap dancing, whimpering and whining.  I grasped the handle of the door and pushed it open.  A large orange and white Brittany spaniel shot by me with a short wiry terrier hot on his heels.  I was not sure how I had suddenly acquired two more dogs for my parents and I debated on how to separate the boisterous gathering in the living room.

Thankfully my mother came into the room and I tried to provide an explanation for the additions to her dog family.  She opened the door and ordered "Bullet" and "Finn" out.  

"Great", I thought, "she's already named them".  I looked to my mother for enlightenment.  For several months, Bullet, a young Brittany spaniel and his brother Finnegan Flannigan had been visiting Dolly each time their human down the street let them outside.  Finn would knock on the front door several times a week in order to play with Dolly.

Mom reached for her cell phone and dialed a number.  "Yes", she said into the mobile device.  "They're here.  I'll send them on home."  She opened the front door and ordered Dolly inside.  She told the other dogs to "go home" and turned off the lights.  Dog friends.  Late night visits.  I thought I had seen it all.

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