Knock Knock...Who's There?

While reading my in-flight Sky Mall magazine, I noticed a doorbell device for dogs.  A big plastic yellow paw print charmingly adds a bit of Je nais c'est quoi to your front door and gives the owner the task of training their pooch to tap it when said canine wishes entry into the home.  The tap on the paw triggers the doorbell to ring and alerts the owner to open the door.

As if I needed one more thing in my life that my four-pack could use to annoy me!  I put my dogs outside for a reason and this device, in my opinion, ranks right up there with the cat toilet training system.

If George wants to come inside, he howls.  If he wants to go outside, he howls.  George has mastered the howl with such precision and far-reaching tones that I fear the neighbors will come over to let him in.  If Charlie wants to come inside he finds Chase.  Chase will knock on the door incessantly.  If that doesn't work, Chase will peer through every available window until he locates me and then knocks on the window.  If Charlie wants to go outside, he gets Chase.  Chase will find me and tap me with his paw until I get up and let him out.  If Molly wants to come in or go out she taps at the door...a trick she learned from Chase.

No, I do not need the fancy, attractive, yellow dog paw sitting at my door, but thank you Sky Mall for providing another ridiculous gadget for me to ponder.  Four dogs and many years of experience, they don't need the device.  They have ME trained!

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