The Name Game

It was a beautiful day, sunny but cool enough to work outside. A perfect day to finally clean my car. Despite being careful to put a blanket or towel on the seats before allowing the dogs entry, the leather always seemed to bear evidence of muddy paw prints. The windows had layers of dog nose drawings…even the sunroof bore the distinct nose writing of my dog!

All dogs were in the yard doing dog things: Chase was stalking birds, Charlie was destroying tennis balls while George and Molly walked on water. The pond was once again filled to capacity and the dock had disappeared two inches below the surface. George had a knack for finding the dock and it appeared that he was walking on the surface of the pond. Suddenly, all dogs were on border alert. The Yorkie from next door violated the border rules and entered protected territory. Molly, George and Charlie raced to defend their backyard. Chase was too preoccupied with the birds. The Yorkie disappeared and I resumed scrubbing the grime from my car.

I took a small break and watched Chase pointing and creeping toward a bird in a fruit tree. I noticed the Yorkie lurking in the cedar tree barrier. It too was stalking and creeping…right toward Chase. As it sprang forward yipping and yapping, a small ponytail bobbing from the center of its head, its owner began screaming at it to obey. Chase ignored the small furry football. The owner continued to screech from the privacy of her own yard, unseen by me. “Truffle! Truffle! Get over here NOW!” Seriously. The dog’s name was Truffle.

Before I adopted Chase, I scoured the internet in search of a perfect dog name. There are thousands of names out there but there seemed to be a common number one rule: think of how you will feel shouting the dog’s name in public. Throughout my life with Chase, I have had to shout, scream, yell, screech and holler his name in public more times than I care to admit. Usually I am running after him while others snicker about how appropriate his name is. The funny thing is I didn’t name him with the thought that I would be chasing him. He was five pounds when I got him. His head was bigger than his body. I could outrun that dog in four-inch stilettos. He is named after a poker hand. I like poker…not verbs. What can I say?

Truffle made a few more appearances in the yard with bold attempts to break Chase’s focus. Truffle’s owner remained hidden, anonymously behind the trees screaming Truffle’s name incessantly, imploring him to obey. I casually walked and played with Truffle toward the border, sending him home to the pair of legs I could clearly see on the other side. Then, quite smugly, I confidently called my own dogs home. They all ignored me. No surprise there. I went inside, banged their dog bowls around, and added kibble and rice. I had the attention of three dogs who sat in front of me drooling. I placed the bowls on the sunroom floor which overlooked the backyard. I could clearly see Chase in the garden, still focused on his beloved birds. The food won and he dutifully returned for meal time, no shouting, screaming or hollering on my part. Appearances are everything and bribery is not beneath me!

Clean car, four well-named happy and fed dogs…a perfect Sunday afternoon.

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